HelenRae Catch your stride... and take flight.

How it all began...

HelenRae Luggage was created by a woman, for women.

I have been asked many times about the process of bringing this creation to life. One friend made the simple comment: Invention through frustration. That pretty much sums it up. After 10 years of business travel week after week, I grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of selection available for women. I knew I needed something easy to wheel, lightweight and stylish. I had very specific requirements in mind —after many nights of thinking, “If this bag just had....” . I knew the concept was right but the carry-on needed to be made with the best quality and most appropriate materials.

For three years I have worked to develop the perfect carry-on bag. I was committed to getting it right before sending it to production, and after eight rounds of design, I am happy to say we are there. It is a very easy bag to use and I hope you like it as much as I do. I have walked in your shoes, in and out of airports, car rental parking lots and hotels. This bag has made my traveling so much easier, and I am confident you will find it works for you as well. I wish you safe travels and great success.

Kate Coughlin, President
HelenRae Luggage

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