HelenRae Catch your stride... and take flight.

High style. Thoughtful detailing. Exceptional Functionality.

Lightweight. The HelenRae bag weighs less than 10 pounds compared to the 15-pounders we are oh-so used to.

Easy to carry. Instead of dragging behind you, pulling your arm down and creating pain in your back, neck and shoulders, the HelenRae bag rolls effortlessly beside you. With four wheels on the bottom, the bag rolls along next to you as easily as walking a dog, or just holding hands with someone. It’s that e asy. Bag size: 20"h 14"w 10"d (blue), 20"h 14"w 8 1/2"d (pink).

Adjustable handle. Different women, different sizes, different shapes. With five adjustable handle heights, the HelenRae bag lets you find the one that fits you perfectly.

Front laptop pouch. Put your laptop safely in the padded front pouch of the HelenRae bag and your purse in your briefcase, and viola! You now have the two carry-on items allowed on airplanes by stringent FAA rules. Your laptop is readily accessible for the security check, and eliminating that extra shoulder strap makes traveling so much easier on your body, too. Pocket size: 13"w X 12"h x 2"d.

Airplane/airport friendly. The HelenRae bag fits comfortably in most overhead bins. You might have to turn it sideways, but the bag makes it through all security tunnels easily and effortlessly.

Lie-flat handles. With lie-flat handles on the side and the top, the HelenRae bag lets you put your purse or briefcase securely on top and wheel away.

Front pocket. The easy-to-access front pocket is the perfect place to store all those membership cards for lodging, car rental, frequent flyer benefits and other essential services for the woman on the go.

Stylish piping. In the world of luggage, black is the new black—simple, sleek, stylish, and way too common. HelenRae's distinctive soft-blue piping or soft-pink piping gives your bag a distinguished, feminine, professional look that is also instantly recognizable in the chaos of a busy airport.

Removable shelves. Why spend time carefully packing when you know what you need first will wind up hopelessly crumpled at the bottom of the bag? No more! The HelenRae’s shelves keep your items exactly where you want them: shirts neatly stacked, shoes securely stored well away from your underwear, and sundry items precisely placed. Simply remove the shelves for extra space or to accommodate larger items like knee boots.

Removable suitor and hanger . No muss, no fuss. Folds neatly in the HelenRae bag and hangs suits wrinkle-free at your destination.

Plastic-lined pocket. If you’ve ever opened your bag only to moisturizer all over your belongings, you know why this pocket is important!

Expansion panel. Commonly called the “to-and-from” feature, the HelenRae’s 1-inch expansion panel gives you that little bit of extra room to take a few more items home or bring important leave-behind items with you.

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