HelenRae Catch your stride... and take flight.

It's all the rage with the ladies.

Just ask anyone that has traveled with the HelenRae Carry-on and you'll hear rave reviews. We asked some ourselves and below is what they told us. But, you don't have to take their word for it, experience the HelenRae difference by purchasing one for yourself!

"I love my new HelenRae carry-on. While everyone is dragging their rolling carry-on behind them, straining their arms and shoulders, the HelenRae rolls nicely right by my side. No dragging or tugging. It would go from carpet to tile and back to carpet with no problem. Even using the escalators was a breeze.

Sturdy, balanced and well made, it puts up with the rigors of air travel and fits great in the overhead compartments. Even on United! It's angled shape fits the space perfectly and did not squish my laptop in the outside pocket. I could not believe the amount of stuff I could fit into it and the removable shelves allowed for great flexibility. I would recommend this carry-on for any traveler — female or male."

—Kim Adams, Owner, Tiger Studios, Inc.

"I'm a 32-year-old mother, business owner, and a delighted Helen Rae customer.  I have traveled around the world (OK, truth be told, HALFway around the world) with my tried and true backpack.  That backpack is not likely to see the light of day again now that I have my HelenRae suitcase. My HelenRae makes me feel organized ; my HelenRae makes me feel cosmopolitan whether I'm packing it for a weekend at the coast or a five-day sales trip; my HelenRae makes me feel happy...it is part of my journey to a destination.  As far as I'm concerned HelenRae IS the destination when it comes to packing.  My HelenRae floats along with the incredible wheel design.  I can control my luggage in one hand and carry my daughter with my other arm.  No problems, pure enjoyment for the family.  And, speaking of, I can attest to HelenRae's sturdiness as it survived my 2-year-old's jungle gym test."

—Kathleen McLeroy, Ayers Vineyard, owner and mother of a two year old

“My HelenRae carry-on is my favorite piece of luggage ever! I have never had such an easy time getting through the airport. My old luggage would tip over as I chased my kids through the airport, but the HelenRae carry-on rolls every which way & comes along in any direction I go. It also has very handy pockets providing for easy access to all my essentials. It is the perfect piece of luggage for women with kids!

—Casey Whitney, Mom of a 1 & 3 year old

“Whoever said travel was glamorous, did not travel for work. The act of trying to balance my briefcase, luggage and purse, not to mention my coffee requires the finesse of a figure skater - that I am not. What I am is a frequent traveler who has discovered HelenRae. With my new HelenRae bag I am able to tuck my laptop into the front pocket while lightening the load of my shoulder bag tremendously. With that weight off my shoulders, I can easily push my HelenRae next to me while I enjoy my coffee, and make travel appear, if only for a moment, glamorous. With the HelenRae feature of removable shelves, I not only look good while traveling, my clothes now look good too upon arrival. This bag was definitely designed with the female business traveler in mind.”

—Sandra Haan, Director of Communications & Operations

"I love my new HelenRae bag. The best part for me is how much better it is on your body. The bag itself is so lightweight. And the fact that you can easily roll it along side of you instead of drag the weight behind you saves your neck, arm, shoulder and back muscles. "

—Suzanne Klein, Certified Massage Therapist

“I used my bag for the first time last month on a trip to Austin. It easily held all of my clothes for a weekend trip visiting some girlfriends. It slid right into the overhead compartment which was convienent and easy. My favorite aspect of the bag though is the fact that the wheels rotate in such a way that it glides comfortably by my side rather than needing to be pulled. It was easy to maneuver while I waited in the endless lines at the airport. There is nothing better than a product that is chic and sleek and totally practical. I can't wait to use it again!”

—Meghan Pellegrino, Teacher

“I'm on the road constantly as a business consultant. I've been carrying my HelenRae suitcase now for two and a half months (seven trips!) and I love it. It enables me to carry on my laptop in the suitcase itself instead of over my shoulder in a laptop bag. Then, when I get to my destination, I just slide my laptop into a sleeve and carry it in my oversized purse. I've received numerous compliments on the design and color scheme (black with baby blue piping) . It's so cute! My favorite thing about the suitcase is that I can pull it next to me while it's upright. It's so easy and convenient to get through the airport. I will definitely buy another one when the new colors come out!”

—Sandy Kane, Director Operational Excellence and Six Sigma Master Black Belt

“The best parts of the bag are the easy access to the laptop compartment and travel document pockets. This allows me to easily access my boarding pass at the airport's security line and easily remove my laptop for the security x-ray. Additionally, I can pack a ton of belongings and still carry on due to the bag's sloping shape. It's a great bag for a traveling business woman!”

—Nancy McMahan

“My husband travels more than I do and liked the bag so much he got one for himself. The big selling point for him was the rotating wheels. The bag is very well organized and the attention to detail (place for cosmetics easily accessible, spot for tickets and computer slot) all contribute to what is wonderful about it , although the wheels truly do set it apart in my book. I know the bag was designed for the business traveler, but I hope Katie thinks about expanding to a larger size check-thru model.”

—Marypat Coughlin

“We purchased the HelenRae bag because we love the bag. My husband travels and he started using it for his trips. He loves it and has told several of his friends about it. A few have asked, ‘Isn't it made for girls?’ His answer is ‘It may be made for a woman but it's strong enough for a man!’ Tom loves the bag and I am just waiting for Kate to design the perfect work out bag.“

—Tammy Krause, Mother of four, Founder, Gabby Krause Foundation

“I love that my HelenRae bag is not only fashionable, but has an easy mobility about it.”

—Colleen Hart, Partner, Kamlet Shepherd & Reichert, LLP

"As a business traveler I have really enjoyed by HelenRae Carry-on.  It is so easy to roll and with laptop compartment I love not having to carry a briefcase. The bag has made my travel life so much less hectic! "

—Marnie Miller, Owner, Miller Housing, LLC

"My job requires me to travel frequently, but as I got bigger from my pregnancy, lugging a heavy suitcase behind me and carrying a laptop bag were just not practical. My back couldn't take the strain of the old luggage and the baby. That's when I learned about the Helen Rae bag. Two features of the Helen Rae suitcase I find invaluable are having it roll next to me so I don't have to pull it, and the cushioned laptop compartment. Now, I don't have to carry a separate laptop bag, which is a huge load off my back, shoulders and mind. It's also light enough that I can easily lift it into the overhead compartment (since chivalry is dead and no one volunteers to help an 8-month pregnant women put her bag up!). Also, Helen Rae bags are stylish and easily distinguishable from the thousands of other boring black suitcases milling about the airport. I've got a basement full of rejected suitcases - nothing compares to my new Helen Rae."

—Claire Mylott, Qwest Communications Director of Public Relations

"This company was easy to deal with and had great customer service. I received the HelenRae bag and was quite excited after taking it out the box and looking it over at the functionality and quality of the bag. Unfortunately my computer was too big to fit into the computer pouch so I had to return it. The return process was easy and the company was extremely courteous and prompt. I would order this bag again if I had a smaller computer."

— Kathleeen Wark

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