A Comparison and Contrast of Popular Music Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 21:10:09
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Music has been known to express ideas in human emotion; music can be a release from the hectic world. But people in the ass’s did not sit back and relax to the sound of “Feel It N*gag” by 50 cent. In fact, the type of songs that 50 cent sings is far from what people in the ass’s used to listen to. Even though some elements of music haven’t changed such as pace and sentimentality in love songs, many styles of music have evolved into more aggressive lyrics and/or very explicit and vulgar wording to fit some American cultures in the year 2006.
Words like “Niger”, the involvement of sexual intercourse, and the presence of violence has manifested itself into songs today, unlike the older musical generation. One of the very little unchanged aspects of music is the pace of love songs. Love songs have two kinds of pace: fast and slow. An example of a fast paced song in the ass’s is the song by The Platters, “The Magic Touch”. This song combined the thrill of love and a fast catchy pace. This ingenious aspect is also apparent in the song by Vanessa Carlton, “A Thousand Miles”.
The pace for this song is even faster than “The Magic Touch” and it is seasoned with the playing of the violin, the second fastest played instrument known to man. Another bridge between the ass’s and today is the slow pace in other love songs. In the ass’s, “Only You” by the Righteous Brothers, the pace is slow. This is evident due to the chord put in C minor which is a line of successive notes that are use as a calming remedy. In Cline Din’s song “My Heart Will Go On”, she prolongs the final notes in order to slow the pace.
The use of the lute which calms or soothes the melody of the song also aids in the slowing of the pace or tempo. Although there are some similarities the differences out-weigh them by a great deal. In the ass’s, aggression was never used in song; it would be banned by the church and labeled as songs of the devil, because of the religious innocence in that time period. It would also be banned by the government because it did not uplift the mood and morale of the veterans who had suffered mentally and physically in World War II.
On the other hand, today aggression is greatly used in many examples of USIA, such as Dam’s previous song “Blood of my Blood”, where he uses the quote “whites wants die why you want try This quote is aggression directed at white Americans due to the racial discrimination in the past. One of the few similarities in music from the ass’s and the music today is the sentimentality in love songs. In the song by the Righteous Brothers “Only you”, it is very sentimental; it signifies the singer’s untold love to someone.
The words “Only you can make this world seem right” explain the extreme sentimental feelings for hat person because of the over romanticizes imagery. Today we also have very sentimental songs such as the musical number by Maria Carrey “Life Anti Worth A Comparison and Contrast of Popular Music and Lyrics in the sass’s and Today By Squamish sentimentality that is expressed in this song. Finally, one important difference is censorship. In the ass’s it was impossible to find a song with explicit language, but today, songs are crammed with provocative language and subjects that can be offensive to many people.

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