A Month Studying in Brighton Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 20:00:11
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Last June, I came to know that I am going to spend my holidays studying English in Brighton. What that meant for me was the whole month without parents and a huge opportunity to get to know new friends from foreign countries. Although flights aren’t my favourite type of travelling I couldn’t hardly wait 3rd August when I would be sitting in the aeroplane. The best thing about it all was that my brother came with me because of finding new job there. The trip wasn’t going very well from the beginning, because we weren’t able to find accommodation for ourselves till the last day before the flight.
Happily, the lady called Aileen was our saviour. She had no problem that we were about to come at night the next day. The last thing I wanted was to sleep three days, until the festival in Brighton would end, under the bridge. Finally when we came everything seemed to be perfect, our landlady was a nice and helpful person. She couldn’t stop talking to us even though we came in the middle of the night. What I found out was that people in England are very kind and patient, without any hesitation they address you honey, sweetie and so on.
My first day at school was quite unsocial, students were just watching and talking with the people from their country, it wasn’t a surprise for me that there was no probability that I would find someone from Slovakia. That day I came away from school with worries how my next day’s class would look like. Obviously my misgivings weren’t needed, I got the best class I could. There were people from Russia, Italy, France, There wasn’t a day when I didn’t attend after school activities with new friends.
I discovered that Asian people, especially from Korea are not that annoying as I had thought before, they are maybe more friendly than any others. Studying wasn’t the only reason why I came there, Brighton offers a wide range of parks and natural reservations with animals which you can pet. I haven’t seen anything similar to The Seven Sisters, that’s the place I would like to have in my neighbourhood or on my garden. It is a beautiful piece of nature with lot of free living animals.
The lane through this reservation leads to a sheer cliff above the sea with a nice view of Brighton and the other six “rocky sisters. ” I’d strongly recommend studying or even living in Brighton for young people. It is a place full of pubs, party clubs and entertainment on Brighton Pier where you can find lots of rides and restaurants. I am extremely sure that this experience gave me the best for my life; through better knowledge of English language to getting know the life Britain and cultural traditions of my new friend from all over the world. I’m the lucky one that I had this opportunity.

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