Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Education Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 16:20:09
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Phonemic awareness: Remind children of the monkey in the big book they already read. I will say the word monkey, emphasizing the initial phoneme /m/. Ask students what sound they hear at the beginning of the words (Im’) I will say the names of animals from the big book and ask students to say the sound they hear at the beginning of the word. ( cow) k/ ( goat) ‘g/ ( seagull) Is/ ( dog ) [d/ ( lamb) II/ * Focus on ( /u/) tell children that I will say some words slowly. They will repeat each word and then say the beginning sound.
I will say up, I hear the sound / u/ at the beginning of up. I will continue with the following words. Empire, ‘u/ until, / u/ under, [u/ us, ‘u/ umbrella, [u/ ugly ‘u/ uncle, ‘u/ utter, ‘u/ Model: Display alphabet card U and I will say the letter name. Tell children that the letter u can stand for the sound /u/, the short vowel sound of u in words such ad up, us umbrella. I will hold up letter card and say /u/and I will tell children that u appears In the middle of the words tub, hug, and must. Have children repeat the sound several times as u touch the card.
Word Blending: words with /u/. Blend and read the words up, us , bus, and bud. I will demonstrate each step using a pocket chart and Letter cards, have children repeat after me using word builder and word builder cards. * word building: I will place the letter u In a pocket chart. Have children do the same with their word builders and word builders cards. I will repeat with the letter s. I will Elena ten word us. See my nana near ten letters as u slowly elongate ten sounds / cuss/. Have children do the same, and build and read new words by telling them. * Phonic and spelling words.
I will introduce the 5 spelling words with short vowel ‘u/ us * us * Bug * Rug * Mug I will say the spelling words and have students repeat after me. Students will say the word, spell the word and say the words again. Guided practice: Word sort: place the cards for duck, nest, and pig at the top of a pocket chart. Write each spelling word on an index card. Display the cards and ask, which words have the same vowel sound you hear in the middle of duck? Which word has the same vowel sound you hear in nest? Which word has the same vowel sound you hear in pig?
Which words do not have any of these sounds? Place the words in the correct columns as children direct. Have children read the words aloud. Independent practice : distribute worksheets and have students listen to the picture I say and circle the picture whose name has the vowel sound [u/ as in cup Assessment: Reread the big book and have volunteers play the role of the animals on their way home. Suggest that children add body movements and sound effects to show which animal they are role playing. Encourage all children to chime in on the parts of the story they know.

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