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Published: 2021-09-01 08:55:12
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The notion of the American dream has become the main topic for thousands of movies, songs, paintings, and books. The so-called passion for freedom, money, and individualism is something all Americans strive for. Like most countries around the world, the United States has rich traditions and diverse culture. Since its founding, there were a lot of political, demographic, and cultural changes that shaped the personalities of Americans. What makes America today the great nation are the underlying qualities that define Americanism.
What is the essence of the term “Americanism”
Talking about the essence of Americanism, it may be understood simply as the freedom to pursue happiness and to craft the life a person wants.  As a matter of fact, Americanism reflects the distinct characteristics of the Americans and indicates the loyalty of people to their motherland. It protects the nation’s political ideals, such as the importance of self-government, freedom of speech, equal opportunities for all citizens and many others. It embodies the values of the nation and the characteristic that distinguish it from other countries.  Americanism is also reflected in the US economic system, capitalism, and governing system that prioritizes individual rights. Because of the strong system of democracy, America has attracted immigrants who wanted to be the master of their lives. They wanted to experience the American Dream and the joy that comes from the realizing that your destiny is in your hands. All in all, Americanism is what makes America truly exceptional.
In the world of academia, Americanism has become a popular theme for school and college essay writing. These essays play a particular patriotic function and help students to express the proud of the native land. They promote Americanism in schools/colleges and community. Education leaders consider them to be the most important for the students. What is more, considering the topicality of the topic, many colleges choose it as a chance for the students to obtain a scholarship. Students demonstrate not only their writing skills but also their awareness of the history of the native land.   The winners also have a chance to compete for national prizes. Therefore, the primary function of Americanism essays is to catch the spirit of American freedom and demonstrate the respect for the ancestors.
Students often ask “What to Write in an Americanism Essay?” Before starting to write the essay, it is significant to make a list of every notion one associates with Americanism. Americanism essays usually address the key aspects of the American dream. Students should not only define the meaning of “Americanism” but also discuss its origin and cultural impact on the whole community. First of all, typical essays on Americanism should render the spirit of the United States. You may start writing an essay answering the question “what exactly defines the United States as a culture?” You may explain the nation’s allegiance to the flag and other national symbols. Generally, the most important question students should answer in their essays – “Why we are proud to be Americans?”  The most successful Americanism essays examine the ideology and include the reflection on American allegiance to different aspects of national identity, namely such as the flag and other national symbols, local customs and tradition, and the form of the government.
There several ideas that you can mention while writing Americanism essay:

The American Dream

Needless to say, the notion of the American Dream was defined for the first time by Thomas Jefferson. He once wrote that every American citizen should have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream is the very essence of Americanism. Hence, you can briefly describe the history of the American role and its role in the life of the modern community.


Write about individualism, the belief that one’s needs are more important than the needs of the whole society.  Individualism is concentrated, first of all, on the achievements of the individual. This ideology became a core by the 19th century. Americans always praise individual freedom and blame oppressive regimes.  The idealist philosophy that restricted government oppression and contributed to the American Dream is an inevitable part of Americanism.

American Exceptionalism

Another idea you can write about in your essay is that the United States is a “shining place” and only one nation that has an important mission to promote liberty, individualism, and democracy to the rest of nations.
Typical Americanism essays should sound like the expression of one’s love and proud of the motherland. In the introduction, you may briefly describe the origin of Americanism and its role in the modern community. Make sure that your thesis statement addresses briefly every aspect of Americanism you will address later. In the body paragraphs, discuss the history and all notions that define the essence of Americanism. Remember not only define, but show how Americanism shapes the identities of Americans.  The last part of your essay, a conclusion, should summarize the main points and include your final thoughts on why Americanism is so important for the citizens.

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