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Published: 2021-09-11 20:05:08
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W. Said, post-colonial studies / Odalisque: exotic, erotic subjects like the harem girl(Turkish word); reddening or recumbent,female nude; recurrent figure throughout Western Art/ Die Burke-The Bridge: 1905-Ernst coding kerchief (dissolved in 1913); earliest German group to seize the avian-garden spirit; means “bridge”-members believed their work would be a bridge to the future; artists lived and worked communally producing intense, anguished pictures with harshly distorted forms and clashing colors/ Primitive: the way one culture views another/
Fauvism: 1904-08; discovered African and South Pacific sculpture (fauves); intense, bright, clashing colors; distorted forms and perspective; rigorous brushstrokes; flat, linear patens; bare canvas as part of overall design; “mild beats”/ Art Anyone: flourished between 1890 and WI; international ornamental style opposed to the sterility of the industrial age; relieving turning, flowering forms to counter the unaesthetic look of mach, he-made products; sinuous lines and tendril like curves; trademarks water lily shape exerted a persuasive influence on the applied arts such s wrought- iron work, Jewelry, glass, and typography/ Vienna Secessionist: arts who decided they needed a new place to show; Viennese artist Hudson River School: landscape school that learned from American ideas; paint landscapes in order to capture American spirit; political and religious views/ Oppositional Color Theory: using opposites next to one another; yellow, purple; orange,blue; red green; Lead Hiring “color opposition”; our eyes mix colors; having your eyes “fight” fur each color; sunrise- impressionism/ Impressionism: 1771-1884; interested in optical realities; formal”; bright light, no dark under paintings I group of people who showed between 1772-1884; Monet and Renoir started impressionism; color theory, very important/ Japanning: influx of Japanese culture(French); influence work by Japanese prints/ Flannel: disregards mid asses; to stroll, to walk, walking slow way, to enjoy walking; Charles Baudelaire- arts and literature critic, “modern life”/ Paris Commune: March- May 1871; Barricade during the Paris Commune, against Napoleon Ill; Montmartre, Paris; amides, barbers, artist,etc lived here Symbolism: thrived in the last decade of he 19th century; rumbaed advocated that the artist ought to be deranged to penetrate to the deeper truth beneath surface feelings; poets like Mallard and Rumbaed and painters like Dillon redone and abusive Mortar discarded the visible world of surface appearances for the inner world of fantasy/ Expressionism: 1905-1930; use of distorted exaggerated forms and colors for emotional impact, dominated German Art; began with Gogh, Gauguin, Munch in the late century and continued with Belgian painter James Ensure, Austrian painters climb, Eggnog achieve,
Oscar Cossack; 2 separate groups called Die Burke and Deer Blame Better that Expressionism maturity/ Whimper Republic: 1919-> Post WI environment; tired to create a federal system- Representative Democracy; in the city of Warrior (veneer); elected a president- did not vote; exploration of drinking, drugs, break down of family; overthrown by Nazi Party(1919-1933) Skyscraper: taller then 5 stories; late 19th century; companies needed more office spaces; skeleton framing/ Prairie Style: located on flat lands; looked like they belonged on a prairie/ Art Deco: 1920-1940; ornamental to geometry, color light, texture, ornamental without; goes across media; example- radiator building/ Dada: has no meaning- art that meaning; movement towards the performance arts; early 20th century; involved visual arts.
Literature, poetry, art manifestoes, art theory, theatre and graphic design; connected its anti- wave politics through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works/ Readmes: published under Decamp; ordinary manufactured objects that the artist selected and modified, as an antidote to what he called “retinal arts”; choosing the object and repositioning or Joining, titling and signing it, the object became art; kept changing the concept of “ready made”/ Surrealism: asses(early); visual work and writing; aim- resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality; unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision created strange creatures from everyday objects and developed painting techniques that allows the unconscious to express itself; feature the element of surprise

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