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Published: 2021-09-10 15:20:10
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Despite of all those negative critics, Wright proved his love for architecture and never even retired. He opened up an architectural school at his Taliesin West home and continued teaching architecture and built until the day he died in Arizona on April 9, 1959; he was ninety-two (Egger). Wright is now known as a true American architect who created many widely recognized structures, a number of them national landmarks even (Egger). Frank Lloyd Wright left behind a true legacy and survived all the criticism, coming out on top.
He rightfully proved to the world that he was, and always will be, one of the greatest architects to ever live. It is obvious to see that Wright was one of the greatest architects to live. Just take a look at the number of things published on Wright and his work alone. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of sources that provide information on him. For this essay on Wright, I used a variety of sources for my research. I used several books, one of which was Wright’s autobiography, A Testament. The autobiography was very helpful in acquiring first hand accounts of Wright’s life and work.
The biographies I used were also helpful because they provided me with various views on different aspects of Wright’s life and work. In Frank Lloyd Wright, Scully provided useful information about Wright’s childhood influences. Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright by Gill provided me with similar information but gave some good quotes about Wright which were not found in the biography by Scully. Frank Lloyd Wright in Word and Form by Hertz also provided good quotes; however, these were quotes said by Wright himself rather than the biographer.
The articles “A Great Architect with Love for Nature and Lots of Fight” by Secrest and “The Many Lives of Frank Lloyd Wright” by Pinck provided me with good comments about Wright’s character. “Frank Lloyd Wright: Innovator in American Architecture” by Egger was very helpful with finding information on Wright’s character as well, but also gave details on his personal life that were helpful in writing my paper. “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Humanism” by Sandefur helped me find details on Wright’s work, dealing with his love for nature and use of organic architecture.
“Wright’s Path: Kids’ Blocks to Buildings” was useful for the information it gave about Wright’s influences as a young boy. When I initially began my research on Frank Lloyd Wright, I was finding a great number of resources, yet many of them were only about certain structures he had designed and built. The main reason I chose the sources that I did was because they provided not only information about his work, but also about his personal life and other things such as his architectural theories. One prominent architectural belief that Wright had was that organic architecture should be used to build any structure.
Wright had very strong feelings about using the environment and natural resources to create architecture. He wanted to feel “one with nature” almost. He also wanted to create architecture that represented American democracy and provided people with a simple way of living that brought them closer to nature. Throughout my next essays, I will go into detail about those topics. I will discuss Wright’s use of organic architecture and the criticism that he faced and how he overcame it to become the leading American architect of the twentieth century.
I am certain that these topics on Wright will create a good persuasive essay and presentation. The research I have done so far has been successful. I have not encountered any major problems and have confidence in moving on to write the next two essays on Wright. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Architecture section.

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