Cone crusher parts replacement method Essay

Published: 2021-09-05 17:50:10
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Gears , the circular plate wear due to friction , the cement production process changes affecting the gap between the gears, in order to ensure the normal gear must be supplemented in the bottom cover gasket, the gasket should be equal to the thickness of the circular plate wear amount . Bearings and seals, bearings when installing bowl , taking care not to damage the wire rope slinger ( material support between the rope with hardwood , etc. ) .
When assembled, shall be scraping the spherical bearing , crushing cone to ensure interoperability With the bowl touch the inner sphere should ensure that the outer annular gap of. 35-O. Mm Nail bowl around the bush With Pakistan perfusion fixed in bowl Of alloys bearing shelves , bowl-shaped bearing to prevent any rotation in the circumferential direction Bowl bearing frame and body with the key ( pin ) fixed, if found in the work bowl rearing frame and body clearance must be dealt with immediately. 0. Cylindrical bushings and frame body with the transition to the third , in order to prevent rotation of the bush , and in the upper part of the tank liner into a zinc alloy , should be replaced with new bushes when the actual size of the frame body preparation, because vertical crusher crusher after long hours of work and will inevitably lead to changes in handling complex relationships.
If the gap is too great cause bush rupture II conical bushings, air eccentric shaft sleeve to be trice with co- injected zinc alloy to prevent sleeve rotation , zinc alloy to be tilled with all the gaps , due to thermal injection zinc alloy crusher price sake may cause the drogue stone production line deformation, so the new package is good to check the size of the cone was found to be incorrect promptly corrected , the manufacture of spare parts should be the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric formulated to maintain the original tie crushing-equipment.

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