Copyright And Privacy With Computer Ethic Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 15:55:10
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ABSTRACT:Now the Internet grows at unprecedented rates, it has resulted in not only the increasing in the amount of available knowledge but also the increasing in the problems about the usage and distribution. The growth of www creates some new questions that older laws cannot answer. So the computer ethic has emerged Computer ethics is concerned with standards of conduct as they pertain to computers.
Two pressing concerns in computer ethics are questions of copyright and privacy, all of which are discussion in detail in the following sections. Other problem exists as well, such as censorship, computer crime. Within the following content will include:1 Intellectual property has become more commonplace in the context of computer ethics during the past few years. Giving you what exactly does it refer to? And it encompasses creations of the human intellect and their protection,usually by copyright.
2 Introduce the intersection between copyright and the Internet. After the definitions of intellectual property and copyright, we will discuss the relationship of the copyright and the computer. What kind of works made available to the public on the Internet , how do you know when copyright ownership belongs to you and when it belongs to the other and how to use the copyright law to protect yourself. 3What are the privacy, why should you care? And give you some existing privacy protections. The apparent solution to the privacy on the internet is encryption.
. In the end some suggestions will give you to protecting yourself. 4Conclusions. Computers present us not only with lots of new potential in technology or information, but also in ethics. Without a knowledge of computer ethics, you will not be fully equipped to enter the new world of online society – and you will need to enter that world, whether you choose a career in art, programming, business, or anything else.So should know how to protect yourself.REFERENCE:

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