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Espies. This farm avgas later named the Dates Integrated Farm. 1964 The administration building and other buildings in the campus and in the farm were constructed under the administration of Mr.. Signaled G. De Los Rexes, the school’s principal. 1974 – The school Offered a two-year post secondary course, the Agric-Technician Curriculum. 1376 – Baccalaureate degree courses like the BBS Agriculture (BAS) majors in Crop Science and Animal Science, BBS Agricultural Education (Bag. Deed. ), and BBS Agriculture Homemaking Education (ABASE) were offered.
The Agric. Tech Curriculum became Associate in Agriculture Technology (AT). 1977 – On September 26, 1377, the Dingle Agricultural and Industrial School by virtue of the approval of the Office of President Marco’s became the Dingle Agricultural and Technical College (Dates) through a resolution of the Parent, Teachers and Employees Association (PETE) strongly endorsed by the Sanguinary Banyan of Dingle and the Sanguinary Penalizing of Lillo, 1985 – Dates was included in the list of tertiary schools in January 1985.
With the approval of General Appropriations Act, Dates became a full-fledged tertiary institution through the effort tot Assemblyman Narcosis D. Monitor, M. D. 1994 – The college became one of the ACHED Supervised Institutions of the Commission n Higher Education by virtue of Republic Act 7722 known as the Higher Education Act of 1994 1995 – Exaggerators and Agricultural Education became majors of BBS Agriculture. Diploma courses were offered like Diploma in Food and Beverage Preparation and Service, Diploma in Garments Trade, Diploma in Agribusiness, Diploma in Food Technology.
The laddered Diploma in Agricultural Technology (DATA) leading to Bachelor in Agricultural Technology (BAT) was also offered. 1997 – The college celebrated its Golden Jubilee. 1999 – TWO additional courses were Offered like the Bachelor in Agro forestry Entrepreneurship (BABES and Bachelor in Food Training (AFT). 2000 – The BAS, Ac. Du, and BBS Gag. Hung. Deed. Curricula were revised With the help Of the Commission on Higher Education. 2001 – The College under Sups. Arturo T.
Landing submitted an intention to transfer its administration and supervision under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TEASED. Seven technical courses like the Diploma in Food Preparation and Service Technology (ADAPTS), Diploma in Garments Trade, Diploma in Food Processing Technology (DEPT), Diploma in Agricultural Technology (OAT), Diploma in Agribusiness Technology and one-year eradicate courses like Swine Farm Technician and Vegetable Farm Technician were offered. 002 -January 2002, Dingle Agricultural and Technical College officially became the LILLO STATE COLLEGE OF FISHERIES – DINGLE CAMPUS. The degree courses in June 2002, under COIF administration are BBS Agriculture (BAS) with majors in animal science, crop science and agro-forestry; Bachelor in Exaggerators Entrepreneurship (BABE); Bachelor in Secondary Education (Based) with majors in English, Mathematics, Filipino, and Biological Science; Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (XSLT): Bachelor of Science in Ecological

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