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Published: 2021-09-01 09:50:10
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North Korea essay example 1
North Korea is a country with its specific peculiarities that make it different from the others. This country is ruled by the Kim dynasty that began with the first leader Kim II-sung and was followed by his son and grandson. The cult of personality is developed in North Korea that refers to the Juche philosophy. This cult helped to establish the strict absolute govern of the dynasty, and in order to keep this state, the government provides a deep control over lots of aspects of the culture in the country. All kinds of art are supposed to clarify the leader and accentuate mostly on him.
The country is titled as a democratic republic, but in fact, it is an absolute monarchy with the dictatorship. Lots of informative articles by the different scholars picture the ideology of North Korea as Korean ethnic nationalism, and they inform about the existence of the communism in this country. The current ideology of North Korea could be compared to the fascism that existed in Europe in the 20th century. To create the strong roots for such ideology, people are controlled in all spheres of their lives. Even the travel is deeply controlled by the government.
What you should know about the human position
North Korea is widely known as the country with the worst human rights on the Earth. People are commonly imprisoned being accused and named the political criminals. There are no real trial processes, and most imprisoned people are sent to the labor camps without lots of explanations. Among such political criminals, there are many Christians or leadership critics that are deported with all the members of their family and rarely are given a chance to be released. There are real testimonies of the existence of such abuses as torture, murder, starvation, medical experimentation, forced abortion, and rape. Basing on these facts, North Korea was accused by United Nations Commission of Injury of crimes against humanity.
North Korea essay example 2
North Korea as the closed country
North Korea is well-known as an isolated country that does not want anybody to discover its insides. It is not easy for other countries to discover the reliable pieces of information about this country as all the media in North Korea is under the strict control of the government. The country still has some diplomatic relationships with more than 166 countries. However, due to the politics of its government, North Korea is not recognized by Estonia, the United States, France, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, and several other countries. This is mostly connected with the contradictions between the real politics of the country and its ideas on the paper.
The most famous conflict between North Korea and other countries is connected with the country’s nuclear weapons program. The North Korea nuclear crisis is supposed to be one of the major dangers to the word. Especially this threat is directed to the USA, Japan, China, Russia, and South Korea. The situation has become extremely complicated, and lots of new problems have arisen due to this. As was said in the introduction, the government in North Korea provides an isolated politics, but now the whole world is struggling to understand what is going inside the country. If the situation were not improved, the stabilization in the world would be damaged, and the new world war will arise.
The problem appeared in October 2002 when North Korea claimed that it could make nuclear weapons. The country stopped its participation in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and opened its nuclear reactors. The United States and others countries took this sign as a danger and immediately took the actions trying to solve the problem. Actually, it was a step to attract the attention of the USA and make them into negotiations. Unfortunately, this step had damaged the life of innocent people and cause to the list of extremely complicated problems that are still hard to solve.
North Korea essay example 3
North Korea and nuclear test
In 2006, North Korea confirmed that they had completed the first nuclear test. The following year the government announced that they have nuclear weapons. In order to find the solutions to this activity, six-party talks were organized, which include South Korea, North Korea, Japan, the United States, China, and Russia. These talks started functioning in 2003 and continued working in a series of talks. The countries had come to the conclusion that North Korea should stop its nuclear facility and receive the fuel aids in exchange. However, the country did not strictly follow the agreement, and it was delayed and later again restarted allowing North Korea to receive the aid.
In 2009, the second nuclear test was completed, and it ends with an explosion. In 2012, North Korea stated that it would not do any nuclear tests and allowed the inspectors to examine the place of tests. The USA agreed to support North Korea with aid only after the country showed the real steps towards the completing its sides of the agreement. However, the same year the USA changed its mind as North Korea conducted the missile test. The next year, North Korea conducted the third underground test, and in 2006 it conducted the fourth one, stating that it involved a hydrogen bomb. It also provided a fifth test that broke all the records, and its yield was about 25kt. Additionally, because of its activities, North Korea was stated as a state sponsor of terrorism.
North Korea was given a list of sanctions from the United Nations, but it does not seem to stop the country. Lots of politician critics are arguing about the reasons for such aggressive activity of the country. Some of them debate that the real reason is to make the USA and European countries to stop ignoring it. However, the real problem is hidden in the impossibility to stop these actions immediately. North Korea does not take into consideration its promises, and nobody knows what plan the country has created. Every country in the world is carefully watching the situation, and nobody can definitely say how this will end. Lots of critics suggest that the World War III could arise on this background.

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