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Published: 2021-09-01 13:05:11
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Needless to say, when a person decides to change something in life, he or she feels excited about it from the very beginning. However, one usually feels angry and initially treats suspiciously any changes that happen unexpectedly. Have you ever had such a feeling? When people do not ask for change, they concentrate only all negative aspects the change will bring on their lives. Unfortunately, such fear of change is common for many individuals. Because of this fact, many people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things. Nevertheless, trying to avoid changes, they do not even realize that they lose great opportunities the life prepares for them.
The main features of such type of writing
If you are assigned to write a paper on any change or similar topic, there are some basic rules you should take into account before the writing process. Any essay on change should concentrate on the primary idea that changes always make people move forwards.  Organize your thoughts before you start writing and create a list of reasons why it is worth to embrace changes. Later, you may use this list to build your main ideas.
When you start writing your essay on change, concentrate on the structure of your paper. Make sure that it has a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and well-built conclusion. In your introduction, you may generally write what change means to different people and how it shapes one’s life in many different ways. Write the thesis statement that will effectively reflect your points you will discuss in the body paragraph and will strengthen your idea that change is always for good.
In your body paragraph, you may explain the primary reasons why people are usually afraid of chance. You may include such reasons as the fear of what other individuals will say, the fear of being rejected, or the innate psychological fear of uncertainty. Also, you can provide a piece of evidence to prove your arguments why any change is always for better. You may mention a few examples of how changes in the life of successful people contributed to their well-being and made them whom they are now.
Then, present a list of benefits that will happen to those who are open to changes. For example, you may write about how embracing changes a person is able to adapt to any conditions of life much easier. You may explain that even though it seems that there are no positive aspects about a change, the benefits will become apparent only in the future. Any change possesses a possibility for a person to start everything from a new page. In fact, changes relating to travel, education, or new job opportunities always broaden one’s mind and help a person a lot of valuable things. Besides, it was proved that those individuals who have ever experienced big changes in their lives better understand other individuals’ feelings. Hence, change not only contributes to one’s identity but also improves social aspect.
Also, you may write one paragraph of contrast to present how those individuals who endlessly avoid changes feel. Life is so unexpected that it is impossible to avoid all changes. Hence, those individuals who used to avoid changes may endlessly suffer from a nervous breakdown. This fact jeopardizes not only their health and well-being but also one’s mental health.
Writing the conclusion, provide a coherent summary of why it is so important to embrace changes. Emphasize once more that change is an indispensable part of our everyday lives, and accepting change without fear one will be able to tackle it much easier than those who try to avoid it.

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