Facing My Fears Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 07:30:09
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Ever had that scary feeling of going off to college all by yourself? Well, I was terrified about leaving my family behind, and going off to college to accomplish my future goals. I was dreading this, but it was going to happen eventually. After getting out of high school, advancing into college was a major step for me. I was terrified to take that step into being on my own and away from home. I am the type to always be with my family and friends, but, I now guess it was time to go into the real world and meet new people.
When summer was starting to come to an end, I started to get more and more nervous each day. I am very shy and a quiet person and I always thought college was not the place for me. Moving day came and I was a little excited, but my stomach was also filled with butterflies. I had all these random thoughts racing through my head, like what if I am late to class, what if people don’t like me and they just push me around, or what if my professor just don’t like me.
I wasn’t in my right state of mind at the time, but I managed to suck it up and deal with it. I knew I couldn’t stay a little kid all my life, I was going to have to grow up eventually and become an adult, but it was just happening all so fast for me. Finally my first day college came, and I was devastated I wasn’t ready at all. I was very excited when o found out most of my classes was just fifty minutes long every day. The professors were all nice and wanted you to succeed in life. They are there to help you, which I really like.
After my first day of classes I had my first official day of softball practice with the team. I had already met the whole team, and bonded with them outside of softball but not on the field. Practicing with a college team is totally different from high school. College ball is more intense and competitive and I wasn’t really ready for that coming straight out of high school. It was very hard to transition my body to the early mornings and long nights, but my body managed to work with the obstacles that were being thrown at it.
Now that I experienced the college life and what it has to offer, I am excited and ready to get this year started. It turned out to be better than I thought, and I am so glad that I finally faced my fears of being on my own and away from my family. Here I built a new family and met some people that was in the same boat as I was. Knowing that I wasn’t the only on terrified about going to college lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders. I can finally say I faced my fears of the college life and I hope to continue until I get to where I need to be.

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