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Published: 2021-09-12 06:35:11
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A man I have been waiting for my whole life and that has turned out to be everything I dreamed he would be and more. As a child I dreamed of my future husband, as a teen ager I longed to meet him, and my wish came true we met August 16 2012. This man is a true hero, not just my hero though. He began in the fire department at the age of 17, and since his goals have ever grown. My husband, Nalon, came from a rough child hood. Where most children have good childhood memories his came from a broken environment a divorce and much more.
Nalon met his dad at the age of three and that is when his dad decided to be a part of his life. His dad began to take him to church where Nalon met role model men who changed his life forever, one of which was named Don Kimmer. Don Kimmer served in the Navy for a full career and suffers from many back injuries, yet he still took time to take Nalon hunting on his property where he shot his first deer. His dream of being a marine began at a young age; he wanted to defend his country like his role models had.
I have never met a person so forgiving; Nalon has taught me how to forgive completely but also to love the person who has hurt me. Nalon had to forgive his mom for abandoning him when given the choice in court to choose her son or the abusive boyfriend, she chose the boyfriend. His dad, who put him in church, saved him from that environment and he will forever address him as his hero. Now joining the marines in March 13 of 2013 he wanted to give back to his dad, family, and friends for being his hero.
Even now he will at least call, if not go see his mom every weekend he comes home and prays for her boyfriend. This past summer Nalon and I went to Carowinds and quickly after there was a horrible storm that arrived. The rain was coming down in waves as the lightning struck the poles around us, I was terrified. I was running through the rain frantically, but Nalon calmed me down as the rain ceased. I still wanted to run but I looked back at Nalon, and he said, “Miranda isn’t it amazing what God has made? as he gazed at the sky in a lingering pace. I then learned that I was safe with him and I shouldn’t worry, which is something I have struggled with my whole life.
He has changed my perspective in so many ways, but in that moment he showed me to have faith in God instead of being afraid. The ways Nalon has impacted me the most is with his humility, confidence, being courageous, and leadership. Nalon is truly a humble person, although he has so much he could be prideful of he always says, “I will never allow myself to be prideful. Although he is humble he has strong confidence, he has taught me to be confident in everything I do, and in everything that I believe in. My husband is very courageous; he shows me through his everyday actions there is no reason to be afraid because of God. Nalon is my leader, I am not afraid to let him make big decisions because he has never steered me wrong, he leads with wisdom and I trust him whole heartedly. Not only is Nalon a positive influence to me, he also has always been there for me because honestly I am very clumsy.
One time outside of church I accidently shut my finger in the car door. Nalon rushed to my aid and missed church to go buy me some Advil and fill his sock with ice for my swollen finger. Another example would be last December after work the roads were icy and slippery. Nalon came to my work and drove me home and as if that wasn’t sweet enough he also picked me up the next day to take me to work. If he was able he would always come to me if I needed him, and so far he hasn’t missed one moment.
What makes him so special to me is that he impacts my life positively every day, and teaches me without even trying. Just watching his actions I found all these things I love about him. My husband is one of the better men, and I will forever honor him. Nalon leads me yet he lets God direct him and that is what makes my husband an incredible person. The man I have come to love has changed since he has become a marine, but he changed into what God would have him to be.

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