Gaining My Independence Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 06:45:10
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My mother seeing I’m responsible, earning her trust, these are two of the biggest things that happened in my life. Although, the endless struggle and intense arguments to get to that point had an even greater impact on my life. When I just started the seventh grade, about two years ago I got into the business of reselling shoes. For those who don’t know what this is it’s when you buy expensive, very limited Nike footwear and resell the product for even more because of the immense demand for the shoe and the small quantity of the item being produced.
I got into this hobby very fast, getting engaged in all the latest sneakers coming out and making connections at stores to get these limited sneakers. Soon everyone knew I was a so called “Sneaker Head. “ I started to make copious amounts of money for a young adult going to school on the daily. I decided to bring the topic of doing this business up with my mom. At the time she was oblivious that I was doing this or anything like it. Most of this was at a time when I really didn’t have a set schedule of where I was living with my dad or mom, both constantly fighting over when I would live here or there, threatening court on each other.
They both became blind to caring or even noticing what I was doing in my time and just trying to fight for me to be with them. Instantly she said no, saying I couldn’t do this anymore stating, “Shoes can’t really be worth that much money. ” I clenched my hands to gether with hope trying to show her but she wouldn’t listen, because there wasn’t nearly enough evidence. For a little while I’m pretty sure she thought I was selling some type of drug because of the amount of money being made for the little I was doing. Also the random expensive items that would be in my room made her wonder.
She wanted proof that I really was selling shoes, confirmation. This upset me at the time but I understood she was trying to protect me. She didn’t want anything bad to happen to me. I started to keep a log of everything I bought and sold also showing the profit involving shoes. I did this for four months and then showed my mother everything including most receipts that I kept too. Over the course of this time, I had spent over six thousand dollars buying sneakers to sell and made a profit of around three and a half thousand dollars.
This coming to a total of almost ten thousand dollars. My mom, seeing how much money is really being made was astonished. She looked at me and asked, “how much of this money do you have left,  I replied with around half showing her the Gucci sneakers, Xbox One, multiple controllers, five of the hottest games, computer, Beats earphones, and several thousand dollars of cash sitting in my room. She couldn’t believe it. The next weekend we went to the bank and set up an account for me.
I also got my own debit card, checking and savings accounts. My Mom finally had trust in me. That day I felt so proud, I told myself I wanted to feel like this more often. Gaining my moms trust is one of the things I’m most proud. The amount of responsibility and independence I have been giving by my parents since then is what makes me happy. The satisfaction of knowing my parents have their trust in me is what makes me get up on those long days when I need to go to school at seven in the morning. I finally feel independent.

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