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Published: 2021-09-11 19:05:10
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Greek and Roman both share similarities, but have different characteristics and use different construction types. Greek architecture used Post and- Lintel construction, while Roman construction dominated in arches, domes and vaults. Post and- Lintel construction is evident in the buildings that make up the Acropolis in Greece, including the Pantheon and the Temple of Hear, which used drums to create columns or rows of columns that used fluting and tapering to make the columns appear to perfectly vertical. This also gave stability and load bearing strength, and
Entails, or tapering that makes the bottom of the pillars bigger than the top. In addition, the Greeks were also known for building on acropolises, making the building site not only visible from the whole city, but made this the focal point of the city as well. Roman architecture also uses pillars, but they are more known for their arches, domes and vaults. For example, the Coliseum in Rome uses a series of domes for stronger construction; this can also be seen in the Pont du Agar Aims, France. The domed construction allows stacking building material higher, with added strength, without adding supporting construction.
The strength of the Roman arches is from the use of visitors, or wedge pieces that complete the arch, and keystones. The Romans also used barrel vaults and groined vaults, allowing them to build long and large hallways that are completely covered and extremely strong, which is also seen in the architecture in the collusion and the Pantheon in Rome. In addition to perfecting the dome

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