Liberal Arts and Business Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 17:15:10
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Effective Leadership and Job Satisfaction Miriam Humid Liberty University BUSS 610-004 December 16, 2011 Abstract This paper will be reviewing various scholarly sources in order to be able to attempt to answer the question of whether or not students would make better business people with a liberal arts education rather than an emphasis on a skill- related education. In order to be able to have an opinion, researching various articles is necessary to see what is currently being said and what has been said about a liberal arts education.
This paper will focus on the history, curriculum, effects in business, and studies conducted on the topic of liberal arts education. An elaboration of what means to have a liberal arts education in conjunction Of a business education Will also be discussed upon in this paper. The goal Of this paper is to guide the reader through various articles in hopes for furthering the research through Other means and perhaps give a recommendation as to what would be a good idea for students who want to have a career in business.
It is often a topic of discussion to try to answer the question feather or not tuned History In the article Said another way, Halter and Pole (2002) discuss the history of a liberal Curriculum Griddled, Vernal-Carlo, Brenna, Frenzy-delaine, Gamers, Lie, Imaging, and Zoe (2010) Affects is Business Bogart (2010) writes an article discussing how a liberal arts education has the potential Studies Conducted Cook, Bay, Vises, Maybugs, and Engorge (2011) write an article discussing emotional.

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