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Published: 2021-09-03 23:45:14
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If people try to change the environment, that is wasting efforts. According to the “Charles Adman on Human Evolution”, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ” (Michael Ruse)The original culture conflict with new culture, which makes most people feel culture shock. The four stages of culture shock are excitement, rejection, adjustment, and adoption, In the end, people have to adapt to the new culture because environment can not be changed.
If someone insists on resisting new culture, he will experience more and more challenge in he daily life, like customs, food, and behaviors. The benefits people get trot adapting new culture is more than people think. The culture shock has effects on both psychological and physical. In psychological people will feel anxious and nervous; in physical, people will feel tired and uncomfortable, They will have different degrees of anxiety after they have intercultural communications.
They might have reactions like avoidance and confrontation But after they adapt in the new culture, they can live very comfortable and have a nice mood. With the information increasing, they know the laws, traditions, and languages gradually. Therefore, the depression decreased and people will not have big shock anymore. Because Of people cannot change the new culture and the benefits Of adapting, we need to integrate with the new environment. There are two steps to adapt to a new culture.
First is we should learn to know. We need to study its history and background. This step is very important because can help us to quickly and clearly understand its culture. Second is learning to do. We need to do something to help us adapt into the new environment. For example, we can talk with foreign people to practice speaking; we can read newspaper or books to reactive writing and grammar, Theses two steps will be useful to get into contact quickly with the new environment.
All in all, we need to adapt to the new culture because it is hard to change the new culture, We may spend too much time on changing the new culture but accomplish nothing. And the benefits of adapting to the daily life and reducing much life pressure are potent, Especially to our international students, we go to foreign countries to study.

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