Mary Shelly’s Novel Frankenstein Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 17:55:10
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The majority would try to argue that in today’s society it is very unlikely for people to act upon their misguided opinions. Last week there were terrorist attacks on America and the key suspect being Osama Bin Laden, who claims all his actions are for Allah (the Muslim god). A few days later a taxi driver was murdered by an English man, he though that the taxi driver was a Muslim. The English man had assumed that if the taxi driver was a Muslim it gave him the right to kill this person (Even if he was not remotely related with the attacks on America. ).
This was wrong and a disgusting act yet even more so the Taxi driver was a Sikh! People need to learn to be able to understand each other and to be able to sympathises with others actions. Especially after recent events in today’s world, people can relate to the gargantuan situations that are part of today’s reality with events in Shelly’s book “Frankenstein,” Shelly’s unbelievable ability to write such a poignant and heat touching novel can still make people look back upon their actions and question their lawfulness, and whether the acted justly or not.
In “Frankenstein it is hard to differentiate whether the characters love each other or are just obsessed with one another. Victor try to re-create the love between him and his mother through his and Elizabeth’s relationship, I don’t think that Frankenstein actually loves Elizabeth I think he is obsessed with trying to replace his mother and Elizabeth is the best person to do that.
All the characters have an obsession, so milder than others but are still present, Alfonse and Victors mother are obsessive over Victor (This may be where the root of Victors obsession is created). Victors mother is also so obsessive over Elizabeth that she sacrifices herself to save Elizabeth from dying by nursing her. Ironically, as Victor is obsessive the creation is obsessive over his father (Victor). The root of the problem in this family is that they view each other as objects not breathing, thinking human beings.

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