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Published: 2021-09-11 03:50:09
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Teacher Appreciation Concert on Mississippi State University campus, located at Mucosa Hall, at 7:30 pm I walked into something I had no idea about and not knowing what to expect at all. The performance was called “The Wind Ensemble”. As we walked into the building there were musicians everywhere, at first I thought I was undressed until I realized that the long black dresses were Just uniforms. We finally made it to our seats at the top of Mucosa Hall.
Mrs.. Alva Okay Lance was then introduced and entered the stage to begin the concert. She was very entertaining for myself, because she was so intense and rueful with her motions. The first song began with a coda based on a melodic minor key; Jack Stamp called the song “Savoring Fanfare”. As the musicians performed the tune it sounded Just like what I thought classical music would sound like. Peter Graham called the next song performed “Harridan’s Dream”.
It had many facets and mood changes. However, the dramatic melody made me feel anxious and nervous for a strange reason. Then, conductor, Cliff Taylor, conducted “Finale from Symphony No. 1 in G minor” by Vastly Kaolin’s had a great exultant ending. Stated in the handout, “the Finale provides a summation of the full symphony and is intensely nationalistic in character”, “starting with a broad sonorous melody, it offers contrast and color”. Anthony Minimal conducted the fourth song.
Minimal instructed the musicians to play “Hail the Dragon” by Phillip Sparker. This song started out as energetic fanfare by woodwinds and then brass instruments. I thought it was a very emotional place, and made me feel antsy. Minimal also conducted the fifth song “Fantasy Variations On A Theme by Nicolai Paganism” by James Barnes. Stated in the handout, “is based on the theme by Paginating ‘s 24th Caprice in A Minor for the LOL”. “The original work for violin consists of a theme, eleven variations and a finale. The last songs performed were “Eternal Father, Strong to save” and ” The Mad Major”, both constructed by Mr.. Anthony Minimal. Claude T. Smith and Kenneth J. Alfred were the composers of these lovely pieces. “The Mad Major” was Alfalfa’s first post- World War I march. However, the handout stated that the song “Eternal Father, Strong to Save”, “contains not only the challenging rhythmic intensity and harmonic tension so characteristics of Smith’s compositions, but also one of the most beautiful ND well-known horn quartets in modern band literature”.
Although there were many great-performed songs Thursday night, along with wonderful refreshments that followed, I don’t think it was my favorite concert. I music Just made me anxious, nervous, and confused. I felt like sometimes I couldn’t tell who was playing what part in each song. At one point, I could not find the one person who went to town on a solo. I honestly felt lost and out of place at the music concert. However, I did enjoy the different experience of a different type of music. Music Concert By amenability

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