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Published: 2021-09-11 03:35:09
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Campbell readings brings to light the benefits of this holistic tool. Among other things, it gives us detailed instructions for toning (singing of prolong sounds, usually simple vowels on a single note) which anyone can perform, taking us very deeply into the mystery that is our voice. The main goal of these exercises is to alleviate the ailments, moods and clearing the mind from clutter. These exercises can also lessen certain minor physical problems such as headaches and perhaps even a few major ones. I was extremely interested in the basic concepts f achieving these goals.
I personally tried some of the breathing exercises and even though I knew I would not master the technique, it was very insightful and educational. When I look at the impact the power of sounds, music, and toning have had in my personal life one conclusion is certain, it had brought balance to my mind, emotions, and the release of stress. Having been raised in a community where music, sounds and vibrations were and still are part of our lives have enabled me to use these methods for refinancing energies in my body causing it to re-center ending peace from within.
This is what “gospel” music does for me. It reaches deep inside my soul, transforming my spirit and healing my sadness in times of need. It truly makes me feel closer to my creator. Never had I realize how powerful this concept really is until I found myself in situations where even unconsciously, humming, singing or listening to all of these sounds created a state of trust, hope and vision towards the future. In Campbell and Gardner readings, I was able to appreciate the explanation and benefits making sounds can have and how good it makes you feel.
Furthermore, I was able to learn that sound is not “Just sound,” it helps put us back in touch with ourselves bringing absolutely important knowledge that could greatly influence and benefit anyone. These readings takes the reader in a Journey into toning and self-discovery, guiding us to self-expression, self- exploration and healing. In conclusion, sounds has the capacity to affect us on all levels-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This work ties together a number of traditions. Also this readings stimulate specific areas of the body, mind and soul.
In order to relate to people in a harmonious way, tone of voice is all important, for it is the tone which conveys feelings. Both readings also relates to spiritual strength, it suggests feeling the tones and sounds as they interact with and affect in a positive way your inner being, opening us to experience a rejuvenation. Music empowerment 3rd session By Claudia have enable me to release stress, frustration, and worries to the point I no longer feel overwhelmed. Reading Don G Campbell Healing Power of Breath, Tone and Music and Kay Gardner
Sounding the Inner Landscaped Describes the power found in many forms of music and its healing powers through its structure. Embarking on a quest into self-discover and the keys to unlock healing power through of sounds. Different sounds creates perception a power so strong that moves everything around it. The drone is the basis of healing music in that each tone that is sounded for a long period of time will touch the physical body in a specific area. This types of tones can be utilized to break down blockages in certain areas of the body. Sound bath

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