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Published: 2021-09-12 13:35:11
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Academic AccomplishmentOne project that I am particularly proud of is my Poetry Wheel that I completed for AP Lit. I am a very creative person when it comes to projects and this poetry wheel expresses that side of me. I received an “A” for my hard work and most of all, I was proud of the work that I presented to my teacher. I went above and beyond the expectations of the project and was rewarded for my hard work.
Student NameThree words that describe me are:1. Devoted- when I put my mind to something, I won’t stop until it’s finished. Having this quality motivates me to improve my work habits in school and strive to be a better person. 2.
Responsible- I am the kind of person who does all my academic work before anything else. That means if I have to stay in all weekend I will, academic work comes before anything else. 3. Respectful- I was raised in a home where respect was one of the biggest family rules and values. I believe that teachers and parents should be respected at all times and everyone should receive the respect that they deserve.
TalentsI am a visual learner and pick up on new skills and lessons fairly quickly. This has helped me throughout my career in school because there hasn’t been a challenge too difficult for me to overcome. I also help students out in Biochemistry, or Physiology, when they need help. I also help students when it comes to Spanish since I am bilingual, it is easy for me to help them out.
TeachersTeachers that know me best would be:1. Mrs. Bernard-Mrs. Bernard she was my counselor from 9-11th grade.
She has helped me through numerous problems and never fails to say hello to me in the hall. Whenever my grades were slipping she would call me in to see what was going on. She was the person that I looked up and she was always there for me when I needed her. She got me through my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. 2. Mr.
Ramos- Mr. Ramos was the best Spanish teacher I have had, he helped me with Spanish a lot, he explained everything so clear and he made Spanish seem easy. I was the student that didn’t even know how to read or write in Spanish but he helped me with that, when I came out of his class at the end of the day I had learned something new. At the end of the year I came out of his class knowing a lot, I knew how to read and write in Spanish now Spanish speakers 2 seems super easy. 3.
Mrs. Panasyan- I have only had the pleasure of having Mrs. Panasyan for one year, but that was, by far, the best year in Women in History class I have ever taken. Mrs.
Panasyan has a way of connecting with her students and keeping them on track throughout the entire year. She has made Women in History really fun for me, not once was I ever bored in that class. 4. Mr.
Atmore – Mr. Atmore was my 9th grade English teacher. He helped me with a lot of troubles that I had in English, he is a great teacher. During the summer of 2014 I came to summer school for English 9B and I got Mr. Atmore as my teacher and he helped me so much, all the material being taught was so easy because of the way he was teaching it.
His class was never boring. 5. Mr. Gross- Mr.
Gross was my 10th grade English teacher. He never fails to remind me what I am capable of and that I shouldn’t be afraid to set high goals for myself. Mr. Gross truly makes an effort to get to know his students on a personal level and connect with each of them to help in any way possible. I will be forever grateful for the compassion and affection he gives to his students.
6. Mrs. Parmar- Mrs. Parmar was my 11th grade advisory teacher.
She would call me up and ask me how I was doing in my classes, and if I was doing bad she would ask me what I could do to get my grade up. Mrs. Parmar has been there for me when I needed help with my AP Lit homework or assignments. I can say that Mrs.
Parmar has been a great help and influence for me. My Life as a StudentI am a very dedicated student. I may have a lot on my plate at times, but I try to prioritize school as my number one focus. Between taking care of my brother and helping my parents, things can get pretty hectic. Though sometimes I lose sight of my goals, I always have someone to bring me right back and help me though whatever I am dealing with.
Academic StrugglesHigh School is rough, and making it through each year is a struggle all together. Personally, I had a very hard time balancing my academic and social life. I was never good at transitioning, and going from middle school to high school was really difficult for me. I had so many new responsibilities and challenges; I just couldn’t keep up.
I am doing a lot better now that I am used to the pressure and stress. HobbiesIce Skating-1 yearCheerleading-2 yearDrill-1 yearGoals and PlansAfter I graduate high school, my plan is to go Mission Community College. I will enter the 2014 fall semester into the Crime Scene Investigator Academy Program. After I complete all the required courses, I will enter into Riverside University.
Riverside is a really good school for Forensic Science. Although it will be challenging, my struggles will be worth it when I graduate with a degree in CSI and begin my career. School ActivitiesIn school I have participated in Cheerleading for my 9th grade year. I also participated in the HHD Club for my 11th grade year. I would help with the fundraisers and talk about Health events.
For my Service learning I had to make a power point about Mexican- American Lit and I had to go present it to a class. A Teacher’s PerspectiveA teacher would say that I am a hard working student who needs guidance at times. They would say that I am not afraid to ask questions. From a teacher’s perspective they would mention how respectful I am toward my classmates.
They would also mention how I take pride in my work, especially projects, and show my creative ability through my work.

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