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Published: 2021-09-12 07:10:11
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Before narrating my background story, I need to flashback to August 24, 2009 when I put my first and memorable step on the soil of the United States. It was the most exciting and wonderful experience for my older brother and me. During the graduation ceremony, I was sitting in my assigned seat and waiting to be called up on stage to receive my high school diploma. This is the moment I flashbacked to first year in the United States, what steps and decisions have been made to get me up here.
My parents always had a desire that their children could grow up better with excellent education and challenging opportunities in the United States. When I graduated from high school with honors, my parent’s struggle transformed into their children’s success. Thus, I fulfilled my parents’ wishes by receiving admission in one of the best universities in the nation, Michigan State University. In order to achieve that goal, I went through some major obstacles and difficulties, which are necessary to understand. The first year of new life in America was a year of first.
At once, I held snow in my chubby hand, the amazing substance known as snow, and immediately I fell in love with America. However, that love transformed into hitches I faced at new school. During my early middle school days, I tackled several complications in communication, education style, and culture. My first day, I went to my first class, a student next to me said, “What’s up? ” and my immediate answer in an Indian accent was “the sky”. He was puzzled for a second thinking that I was joking with me, but soon he realized and explained to me what it meant.
In addition, I also had problems with the education style. I would stay up every night studying science and English literature trying to understand the meaning of the words and how to pronounce them. For the first couple of months I would constantly have to look up meanings in a dictionary. After every class, I stayed late in classes to ask my teachers for help with communication, ,and American culture. The teachers were always ready to help me no matter what. Fortunately, I overcame all the obstacles with unlimited cooperation form teachers, classmates, and even my principal.
In my home country, there were limited resources and fewer options to discover and expand myself. In the United States, extracurricular activities, tremendous growth opportunities, and unlimited resources helped me to build a better individual, who can challenge and compete in the working world. In addition, my parents were facing many barriers to acclimate their life in United States in a deep recession. The frustration grew so immense that they decided to go back to home country. I remember my mom saying that “I can not take it anymore” after working forty plus hours at a fast-food restaurant.
Furthermore, my dad wasn’t able to find his career related job in the United States. He had to start work at a company to lift boxes to run the family. My dad hated the job everyday, but he still kept smile on his face so that I don’t feel unhappy. In order to keep my parents happy, I would tell them my school progress everyday. One day told them, “Hey Mom and Dad, I received a gold medal in a business competition. ” At that day, they were so happy that they forgot how much stressed they have and how tired they are.
As a result, my integrity, passion, and characteristics convinced them to work hard, and because of that I know I can overcome any difficult situation in my college career, just like I did in my early years. The next phase of my life was where my personal abilities and knowledge developed. Furthermore, during my high school, I participated in many extracurricular activities and sports. These activities allowed me the chance to augment lessons and provide additional accomplishments for advanced learners.
As participant or president of personality development events, I have learned through my role that all types of activities and sports, be creative, innovative, be accountable and take responsibility. Thus joining many activities, I began to learn the American culture by fellow classmates. I would always join a conversation and ask them “what does that mean”; my friends always explained to me if I didn’t what something meant or what it relates to. I have learned through my role at all types of activities and sports to be creative, innovative, exciting and to take responsibility.
School resources, advance technology, fabulous infrastructure for sports events contributed unlimited personal development in addition to regular classes. In addition, I started volunteering at Oakwood hospital. This has given me the opportunity to interact and communicate effectively and precisely outside my socio-ethnic group. During volunteering, I also learned the how to behave and interact in the American culture. Therefore, I was able to easily accept the teenager’s social aspects.
In addition, I started working at Subway to save money for college knowing that my parents won’t be able to support me. I didn’t like working; especially, when my friends were out and having fun. However, a second thought always came in my mind “my parents left their social life in India for me and my brother; why can’t I let go some fun time. ” Looking back to my high school years while seating at graduation ceremony brings back the struggles of my parents and me. However, it also brings up the hard work and passion, I had to be where I want to be.
Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with the world of mathematics and science and their applications in the real world. These subjects have interested me all throughout my life. As a result, I am always interested in mechanics of new products, engines, and technology, especially cars. I’m dreaming of owning an automotive company and lead it to success, while being a role model for others to look up to. The responsibilities I adopted, ones that pushed me to preserve my Indian culture, without rejecting my American one and to succeed and learn using the opportunities presented to me.
This coupled with my family’s seemingly endless financial struggles were motivation enough for me to succeed. The constant ups and downs that affected my life, both social and economic have motivated me from the very start to try my hardest. Although I don’t necessarily deserve it, having grown up in America, but my parents do. I owe it to them to be successful so that they know their years of sacrifice and struggle led to something great, that they triumphed. These long and significant years in America have triggered me to change from a normal student to a young, mature and responsible adult.

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