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Published: 2021-09-12 15:45:10
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My dream is to become a woman of value. A very memorable quote said by Albert Einstein, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. ” This quote stuck to me, I want to become a person who not only is successful but develop value out of that success. Not everyone can say that they encountered a valuable success from their career. I want to be the women who did. Little Hilary wanted to explore the world, which later developed into a tendency of helping others.
Then she realized she wanted to help children or youth who aren’t as blessed as we are. Volunteering in a program called Operation Christmas Child, made me desire to help youth even more. In this program they send out shoe boxes of belongings we put together for Christmas. Every December, they have a group that distributes those boxes. Bringing more to the program, in the future I may have the opportunity to putting together a team of constructors, and building a community for these kids.
I’ve seen videos where these kids and youths have no shoes and in that very box that they received for Christmas were a pair of shoes and they were in tears because they never owned a pair of shoes before. There were even children being adopted by the people who were sending out these shoe boxes, showing love to these kids. Like the families that adopt these kids, I want to be able to make these kids feel special and loved. So many of these kids have no family, and I want to be what they call family; I want to see how much they’ve grown mentally and physically.
I want to give them the chance to see what family and love is, as well as a community such as churches, homes, schools and libraries. These kids deserve a future and deserve to go to college if they choose. They are worthy of getting a book read to them and eventually read their own books. As majoring in education (K-12), I would have the opportunity to teach these children. Not only involving myself into developing a community but to show them academically. Since they don’t have a family, they aren’t taught manners or what is wrong and right.
With help, we’d prepare them for the real world, on how to be independent and the importance of getting a career that you would desire to pursue. We would set up games and ice breakers to get them more active and less timid. I want to help these kids to develop skills in the social life and not being afraid of what’s out there. These children deserve much more than they get. I want the chance to teach these kids English, math, as well as science while other teachers accompanying me in helping them with their needs. This shows the kind of person I am, one with a very huge and giving heart, not many peope have those.

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