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Published: 2021-08-31 16:25:13
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In Southern California and other places around the country, transit oriented development is growing rapidly to increase the use of public transportation. Transit oriented development is mixed use residential or commercial oriented area designed to increase the access to public transportation. In this research paper, I have examined the North Hollywood, NOHO Commons project. NOHO Commons is a mixed-use transit oriented redevelopment project. It consists three-phases; which consists of residential, retail, office and entertainment uses.
The project surrounds the MTA subway station to the south and the east adding vibrant street frontage retail with housing above to create an active connection to other nearby businesses. Also Red line is across from the Noho Commons. Main goal of Community Redevelopment agency is to create communities with jobs and housing. Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles CRA/LA is the lead agency who is responsible for the project. The J. H Snyder Co. is the main developer of the project. Their main goal is to redevelop communities and bring transit oriented development within reach of public.
City of Los Angeles approved the project in year 2001. the Los Angeles City Council on approved a $219 million project known as Noho Commons that will include $43. 9 million in public funds in December 2001. Snyder negotiated with the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy to include living-wage jobs, the childcare center, local hiring and job-training program – similar to what was required for Staples Center. The project is expected to create 1800 jobs. Players of the project were the developers, City council, City of Los Angeles mayor,

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