Analysis of heroes in Odyssey & Star Wars Essay

Published: 2021-09-13 03:15:09
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These two epics consist of a hero, a villain, a mentor, and a purpose. In these two interesting epics the hero is what mostly relates to each other because of how they see things in the beginning and at the end of their journeys. An example of this is when Odysseus does not thank the gods and expects everything to go his way. This is foolish of him because he expects his journey to be successful but everything turns on him. At the end Odysseus looks differently at himself when he learns that without gods he is nothing, the same thing happens in Star Wars.
When Luke is with Obi-Wan, at first he questions him and does not believe in him and in his advice. At the end he learns that without Obi-Wan and his teachings of the force, in this case an example of the gods in the Odyssey, he would be nothing. Star Wars and the Odyssey also have their differences. One of the biggest differences between these b,vow epics is the time it took for them to get places. In the Odyssey it would take two weeks to travel tromp Ithaca to troy. In Star Wars it would take seconds to just travel between Galaxies believe this sakes a big difference between them because of how much they valued time in the Odyssey.
In the Odyssey they could not wait to get home. In Star Wars it would just be a matter of seconds to get there. I believe the biggest difference between Star Wars and the Odyssey would just be time. In conclusion I believe that the Odyssey and Star Wars are very alike and somewhat unlike to each Other. These two epic stories are alike because Of the likeliness Of the characters and their roles in each story. As an example. Odysseus could be mirrored as Luke Jaywalker because they are both heroes and they think the name.
Another example of this is with Athena, she could be mirrored as Obi-Wan because of both of their guiding wisdom throughout tough times. The difference between these two epics is the time it took for them to travel. It was very hard in Odysseus time to travel to different places because of the time it took to get there, therefore they valued time. In Star Wars it was very easy to get places by just getting into a ship.

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