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Published: 2021-09-12 16:15:09
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Teachers play a vital role in life of students. They are the most important ones when it comes to nourishing and influencing the life of students. This could mean that the future of students depends on the teachers we have in schools. An optimistic or even a pessimistic approach could change the entire life of children. Therefore, all teachers should try to be a good teacher. This means that they must have a good knowledge of their subject. They should know how to make a good expression in their class.
Above all, a good teacher is the one who knows how to explain the content in an easier way and is able to find an individual approach to each student. In my 12 years of education I came across many teachers. Few of them were good teachers whereas many of them were reasonable. However there was only one teacher that I can truly relate to as a good teacher. His name was Sir Sajjad A. Siddiqui. He used to teach us O-levels Computer Science. He had all the qualities of a good teacher. In our first class, he had worked out a strategy.
He came onto us with full force and make a very strict expression on us on our very first day. I along with my fellow student become fierce and dreaded that this course would be a hell of a course. However as the time passed, he started becoming lenient. At that point I comprehended that being strict on our very first day was his part of the strategy. He wanted to make us fear him so that we would not lie or do anything stupid in his class and believe me he did quite succeeded in his plan. Although he was now not very strict, he used to give us more and more work to do.
He would even make us sit after school hours to finish our work. There even came a time when me and my fellow students became united and headed towards the principle. There we told the principle about how the teacher is very strict with us and how he sometimes mocks us and make us miserable. That being said the principle said, “Apart from all this, do you easily understand whatever he teaches you? ” As soon as we agreed with him, the principle asked us to disperse saying that as long as he does his job and makes you students understand your syllabus, he is a good teacher.
Although our principle’s definition of a good teacher was completely obsolete, I am glad that he did not took any action. This is because in the end we realized that we had a completely wrong perception about the teacher. In our whole batch, computer science was the only course in which not a single student was bellow ‘D’ grade. In fact more than half of the class ended up getting ‘As’. I myself got ‘A*’. This was only because of our teacher. During the whole course he tried to keep up us off balance, forcing us to step into new and even more difficult challenges.
Pushing the students off limits was one of the teacher’s characteristic that I found intriguing and considered him my best teacher. Another fascinating characteristic of my teacher was cooperation and coordination. Once a good student and teacher relation is created, he would do anything in his power to help his students in any way possible. Not only this, if he could not be able to solve his student’s problems he would somehow get the answer in a day or two. Apart from all this, his help was not only restricted to his course, but also he tried to help his students in other advance computer courses also.
As a matter of fact, when I was facing some serious difficulties in my A level Aict course, I went to him and asked for help. He not only facilitated me but also taught me some new concepts regarding my advanced course. Not only this, at another time one of my friend from outside the school needed some help with his project work in computer science course. I asked the teacher about my friend’s situation and he agreed to assist him. On his consent, I introduced my friend with him and they both got along very well.
At the end of the course me as well as all my fellow students were very much inspired by our teacher that we even did a small play regarding him and his class on our annual dinner at school. Following the school, this teacher is the only one I am still in contact with. After I was done with my course, I really gave it a thought and decided that if I ever decided to be a teacher in future, I will try my level best to fill in his shoes as he was the one that inspired me and made me believe that through teaching we can sure make a difference in one’s life.

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