Pressure and Progression in College Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 17:05:10
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In my first experience of applying to colleges, I wrote of taking risks. I often perceive myself as an introverted individual; quiet with my thoughts and cautious of what I say. The fear of becoming more outgoing posed as an appealing threat when considering where to enroll. With that in mind, I fulfilled the notion of taking risks in my acceptance and attendance to the Fischer College of Business at The Ohio State University. The school offered an interesting perspective of converting a large school setting into a small school atmosphere, bringing the benefit of a diversified college experience.
Although there were times of success, my career there was short-lived and for many reasons deemed a failure in my eyes. ? Freshman year at Ohio State was beneficial in supporting me with a solid foundation. I had received honor roll grades, been involved with intramurals, and pledged a fraternity; I was what most would classify as a well assimilated student. Transitioning to sophomore year introduced a new found level of independence. From living off campus, to a demanding course load, and becoming heavily involved socially with my fraternity, I was stretched beyond my means.
As the year progressed, the collection of responsibilities I had accumulated overwhelmed me and left me struggling to find balance. The feeling of failure and self-imposed pressure lead me to burden myself with isolation in hope of pulling myself out of a downward spiral. As the year passed, stress built and lead to a lackluster effort in my education. Additionally my attendance fell, resulting in distancing relationships with my teachers and classmates.
Without seeking help my grades suffered and left me with the realization that if I wanted to succeed I would need to make some drastic changes. I returned home to take classes at the College of Dupage. As this semester is progressing, I am appreciating the importance of my education. This period of self-reflection has served as an opportunity to analyze how the support of a close-knit community benefitted me freshman year. I have taking my education to heart by striving to utilize my resources, attending class consistently, and developing strong relationships with my professors.
Through balancing school and work I have learned to implement the organization and study skills that help me achieve success. In knowing what worked for me freshman year, to what derailed me sophomore year, I consider Drake to be an outstanding option in furthering my education. From my initial visits to Drake, the atmosphere amongst the student body and faculty felt contagious. Despite facing a limited level of failure at Ohio State, I am not allowing it to define my character or my potential.
This experience has enabled me to reflect and grow as a student and as an individual. My academic performance this semester demonstrates my ability to be organized and committed. Knowing a balance of productive involvement, support, and community guided me towards success freshman year, I see Drake as a university that would uphold these values. Taking risks and failure are always going to be a part of life, but these past two years have taught me the strength to believe in myself, and have given me the velocity to move forward.

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