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Published: 2021-09-11 11:00:09
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As we are approaching the 21st century, it seems that terrorism is becoming another one of society’s constant problems. It has reached to an extent that most of us have now become immune to it. We hear about the hijacking of different airplanes, kidnapping of diplomatic officers, slaughter of innocent civilians by other civilians and what do we do about it? Nothing.
Due to some dirty fish, most of us do not protest anymore about passing our luggage through metal detectors and submitting to searches at airports. Some of us believe that terrorism is something that can not be controlled, just like poverty, discrimination and crime, which is just there. On the other hand, some experts believe that terrorism may be abolished if nations begin to follow a firm, non-tolerant approach taken by countries like ________. What do most terrorists really want? Well, terrorists in most instances first strike by doing something vicious like bombing an area, so that the government and the citizens of the country can be terrified of them. Then, they make their demands: _________, safe passage or release of their fellow terrorists.
The media and the citizens then want the government to negotiate with their demands and give them whatever they want so that they can go away. The situation stated above is quite common and will only encourage further acts of terrorism. What can the government do to stop terrorism? *It can eliminate terrorism by showing the terrorists some action and retaliation as act of self-defense. *It can exert political pressure on nations that practice or support terrorism and refuse to trade with them. *It can refuse to sell these nations any kind of _________ and/or military devices. It can terminate ________ relations and close down their __________ in these nations.
*Another response would be using military action, which should not be ruled out in the case of hijacking of ships or planes. These steps may have some good affects on other nations and soon the rest shall follow them.

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