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A woman may include (Miss), (Mrs.. ) or (Ms. ) to the right of the typewritten signature. Special Parts Of a Business Letter In addition to the six regular parts off business letter, sometimes special or optional parts are necessary or wanted by the writer: 1. The Reference This consists of the word Ref (short for Reference) followed by a colon t) and specific information, often a serial or reference number. It is usually placed between the date and the inside address. Novo 10, 200- Ref Ml/SUCKS/90 Sorer Construction Co. 4335 Broadway Indianapolis, IN 46305 ASSAI 2.
The Attention Line When a letter is addressed to a company or organization rather than an individual, an attention line may be given to help in mail delivery. N.B. An attention line is never given when the inside address contains a person’s name. Attention lines are typically directed to: Sales Division, Personnel Manager, etc. R it may contain the individual’s name. The attention line contains the word Attention (or Taint followed by a colon C) and the name of the office, department or individual. It is placed between the inside address and the salutation.
Ref: Ml/SSL_/10/90 USA Attention : Mr. Charles Graham Dear Sirs: 3. The Subject Line The subject line is used to immediately draw the reader’s attention to the subject of the letter. It consists of the word Subject followed by a colon and a word or words Of specific information. The position Of the subject line is not standardized. It may appear to the right of the inside address, or centered on the page below the inside address or below the salutation. It is commonly placed below the salutation, as shown below. Attention: Mr. Charles Graham Subject: Rough Terrain Crane RISKS-al 4.
The Title or Section Name This is placed one space below the typewritten signature to identify the writer’s position and/or the section s/he works in. Sincerely yours, Peter Monet Sales Representative 5. The Identification Line When the person whose signature appears on the letter is not the person who typed the letter, there is an identification line. It consists tot two sets tot initials operated by a colon, Usually, the sender’s initials are capitalized and the typist’s are in lower case. The identification line is two spaces below the signature and even with the left margin. PM:dab 6.
Enclosure When something is enclosed with the letter, an enclosure line is usually typed one space below the identification line and even With the left margin. If there is no identification line. The enclosure line is two spaces below the signature. It is usually written Once followed by a colon and information. PM :dab Once: Brochures 7 _ Copies to (c:) When a copy of a letter is sent to another person, the letters c followed by a loon and the name of the person to whom the copy is being sent is typed one space below the enclosure line (or the identification line if there are no enclosures).
If there is no identification line, it appears tuft spaces below the signature. The letters ‘c’ traditionally stand for ‘carbon copy’. E. G. .NET: Brochures c: Mr.. Kevin Walker Tarmac State University.

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